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Reading on the Water


Listen to what our clients say..

At Good Mental Health (GMH) we provide tailored treatment and work to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Our therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Eye Movement desensitization and reprocessing Therapy

What can i say, coming from a sceptic receiving EMDR  treatment was the best decision i have made.

Muge is extremely friendly and puts you at ease from day one, I had my sessions via zoom. Maybe this helped as I was in my own space and my comfort zone where I felt safe.

I have had therapy sessions in the past face to face and they were not for me, however i think this also reflects on the therapists i have seen in the past, something was different with muge she showed empathy and genuinely cares for your case and helping you, no session felt robotic. Each session she made me feel comfortable. She always has a friendly smile and the best advice, advice you don't think you need.

I would highly highly recommend anybody to try these sessions over zoom if that is all that is on offer due to the current restrictions as I think being in your own comfort zone helps a LOT.

I will forever be thankful for the work Muge did to help me overcome a traumatic event.

Muge was extremely professional and supportive to me during a difficult time. She helped me see things in a different light and used CBT to challenge my thinking and find ways to cope. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with aspects of their mental health, particularly anxiety. Thanks again for your support!

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